Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless

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The Meeker Family has a long and dynamic history in the British Columbia forest industry. Four generations ago, in 1906, Henry C. Meeker moved from Connecticut to Merritt, B.C, purchasing and rebuilding the Canford mill and renaming it the Nicola Valley Pine Mill, manufacturing lumber and building a railway to access valuable log supply as well providing the city of Merritt with power.

In the 1930’s, his two sons, Toke and Lincoln moved to Mission, starting Meeker Cedar Products; Toke proved to be a trailblazer in the shake and shingle industry, creating the automated split and resawn shake, the tapersawn shake as well as many of the packing and measurement methods still used in the business today. He travelled extensively through the 1940’s-70’s, marketing shakes and shingles in the US and paving the way for many of the manufacturers of the day, earning himself the nickname “ The Shake King” by his peers. Toke’s six sons, cedar running strong in their veins, all ventured into the family business in different capacities. In the early 1970’s, middle son Clayton branched out and built Clayton Cedar Products, a large shake mill in Pitt Meadows, and in the later 70’s, a smaller one-machine mill next door, naming it Anbrook Industries. This operation focused on the “boutique” concept, based on his personal ideology of “only the best is good enough”. Over the years Anbrook grew in capacity, but was always purposely kept comparatively small in the industry to maintain the model of bespoke shingle production.

If you asked “What is the most common statement people make when they visit the mill for the first time?”, the answer, unequivocally, would be , “I can’t believe how clean your mill is”. And it’s true. But, then again, anyone who knows Clay or Brooke know that anything otherwise would be unthinkable. This simple observation of the state of our facilities is an indicator of how everything at Anbrook is done. "Quality isn't Expensive, it's Priceless", the company motto which was coined by Clayton back in the early 80's, holds true even more so today in an era of cheaper, faster, easier. The value placed on doing things the right way, every day, by every employee at Anbrook is of utmost importance in the vision of the company.

“Anbrook products cost more”. This statement has been voiced more times than one can count, and there’s no arguing the point, they generally have a higher price tag; it requires a larger investment to make the best of anything. So why do Anbrook shakes and shingles cost more? Well, they actually don’t “cost” more, but they do have a higher price than most because, quite simply, they’re better: Better built, better looking, better lasting, and a better return on the investment…. There’s a shingle, and then there’s an Anbrook shingle: Dedication to a self-imposed elevated standard is paramount to make sure customers recognize the difference, and that the value proposition Anbrook products offer ultimately creates a win for their business. Anbrook products dispel the notion that a higher price tag equals a higher cost, proving time and again that those “ah-ha” moments still do exist for builders and homeowners alike.

The blueprint for how Anbrook products are made is never questioned at our company, because we believe that everyone deserves to have the best quality roof beautifying and protecting their home; a premium quality roof is an insurance policy on your largest investment.

We are four generations strong in the cedar shake and shingle manufacturing business, and we are passionate about making sure that homeowners and contractors know that they have access to a product that surpasses all quality standards set by regulatory bodies. Our products meet the strict chain of custody criteria set by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for sustainable forestry, they are manufactured by people who have become masters of their craft through many years of working for our company, and Anbrook is the benchmark in the industry for the finest western red cedar shakes and shingles, manufactured to an industry leading standard of uncompromised quality