Tapersawn shakes

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Tapersawn shakes

A Tapersawn shake is sawn on both faces, but is thicker than a shingle. The added thickness enables it to be applied as a shake (2 ply with paper/felt interlay) resulting in lower application costs. This product is popular for both modern and traditional styles, and is particularly attractive due to its’ thicker shadow line at the butt, giving it a more substantial look.

A recent and recommended trend is to apply an 18” Tapersawn shake at a reduced exposure (5 – 51/2”) and eliminate the interlaid felt, using a single layer of felt on the entire deck, resulting in a 3-ply roof laid similarly to a shingle application, but with the benefit of the thicker product.

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Products available:

18” x 5/8” Premium 100% edge grain

18 x ¾” Premium 100% edge grain

24” x 5/8” Premium 100% edge grain

24” x ¾” Premium 100% edge grain

All products available CCA or Fire Treated : See Protection page for links